Steeleye Span’s Peter Knight to bring Gigspanner to Bournemouth

THERE’S never been a better time to experience live folk music, according to renowned fiddle player Peter Knight, who brings his talented trio Gigspanner to the Bournemouth Folk Club at the Shelley Theatre on Saturday.

Peter, 70, has accrued a lifetime’s worth of accolades across a career spanning two folk revivals and is excited about this new breed.

He said: “The folk scene at the moment is truly buzzing with all sorts. I think it’s great. Some of the young musicians are superb, exploring their talents and interests to the full, and lots of my friends who I have known for years are still out there doing it, including myself. It’s never been better.”

With Gigspanner, Peter will be joined by guitarist Roger Flack and percussionist Sacha Trochet, both intelligent and powerful musicians in their own right.

On their forthcoming UK tour the trio are launching their latest studio album, The Wife of Urban Law. Early reviews have been unanimous in their praise of its uniqueness, and the words imaginative, unorthodox, inventive, captivating and beautiful have been common denominators.

“Folk music is all about bringing people together to sing a song or play a tune, and although there is a high cuisine of music and musicians, I think it is worth remembering the essence and the worth of our traditional folk music. I am not a purist, and I’m pleased that all the music that is out there, for whatever reason, is good news. It’s there for us to choose what we want to listen to or play. Choices are good.”

The Bournemouth Folk Club audience will be treated to the full Gigspanner experience.

He added: “People are always saying that our gigs are never the same because the music is ever-changing within the arrangements. We put it together that way. Folk clubs have always been and still are the backbone of our heritage in terms of keeping the music alive and to play the clubs is always good. Traditional music belongs to us. For now.” Visit or

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